Water is nature's most precious gift to mankind. Hydel power is a clean and green power as compared to other conventional power generated using fossil fuel. India - thanks to the mighty Himalayas - is blessed with immense hydel power potential. The development of this vast power potential has been given the top priority by the Govt. of India.

Teesta Urja Limited (TUL) has been formed to play an active and vital role in the hydro power development initiative of the Govt. of India. TUL has been awarded the 1200 MW Teesta Stage III hydro power project on BOOT basis, for a period of 35 years by Government of Sikkim (GoS). The project is a run of the river scheme in the North Sikkim district and utilizes the available gross head of 800 meters. As per the current projections, all the units are scheduled to be commissioned by March 2017.

As per the current shareholding structure of the company, the Project is a State Govt. Enterprise with Government of Sikkim holding 51% majority stake through its investment company i.e. M/s Sikkim Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPICL).


  • All the civil works of the project for enabling commissioning of Dam and Water Conductor System.
  • Steel liner erection in both the pressure shafts has been completed. All the gate erection works have also been completed.
  • Filling of Reservoir and Water conductor system connected with Left Pressure Shaft was completed from 4th September 2016 to 15th September 2016.
  • The first three generating units of the project connected to Left Pressure Shaft were tested and spun at no load condition.

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VISION To be a leader in Hydro Power Development by adopting best Engineering & Managment practices.
MISSION To commission 1200 MW Teesta Stage - III Hydro Electric Project in a shortest possible time period so that the optimal benefits are accrued to the beneficiary states as well as State of Sikkim.